Day 4

Sante Fe NM to Holbrook AZ

We headed northwest out of Santa Fe crossing New Mexico highlands to Farmington and Shiprock NM. Crossed the continental divide mid morning with wide open view of rock, lava,and forests. Followed the SanJuan River to Shiprock just like the native americans, the frontiersmen and aviators have been doing for many years. Shiprock stands above the valley over 1700 feet and can be seen for miles. It's what is left of an old volcano as the San Juan River ate away at the surrounding valley.


 Very impressive on the deck also

Have been looking at Shiprock from 35000 feet for 30 years. It's usually lunch time when I pass overhead.

The south extention of the volcano 

Neared the four corners area on the back side of Shiprock. Dropped crumbs along the roadway as mining roads were not in our machine. The onboard map display had all the satellites working overtime to find our way back to the main roads.

 We made it around to the back side

After viewing Shiprock we headed south towards Gallup and past old Red Rock. This was just southwest of Shiprock. Nobody was home.

 Good old Red Rock Arizona 

Window in the Rock formed by the retreating sea millions of years ago and smoothed by the wind.

 Looking back to New Mexico 

Our goal today was Winslow but had to stop short in Holbrook as rule number two was going to be broken.

We found a room in Holbrook after driving 600 miles just to see a couple of rocks. That night at dinner came across some folks from Ohio last seen in Tucumcari several nights back. Tonight we will plan tomorrows travels through the canyons on the Colorado.

Rule #2:  Don't miss Happy Hour

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