West Coast Swing

  Our February West Coast Swing

  Rule 1: You must pass by the Arch for good luck out West

The most unplanned trip we have ever experienced. Several days prior we made a few phone calls, like stop the paper, secure the dog and secure tee times and off we went west.

Day 1

Glen Ellyn to Joplin MO

Headed towards St Louis via I-55 to avoid some rain over the plains and the rockies. Passed alot of flat land in Illinois and alot of limestone in the northeastern section of Missouri. We are half way to the beginning of the real sightseeing. Temperature has been in the sixties today. Not bad for February as it was in the mid teens leaving home this early morning.

 First correct guess wins dinner at the Warrenville Amoco

          Day 2

Joplin MO to Tucumcari NM

We used I-44 across Missouri and the Oklahoma turnpike across Oklahoma to Tucumcari. The temperature near 75 with some tornadoes just south of Oklahoma City. The sky to the west was full of virga but no chance for a picture. High plains with thousands of cattle roaming about. Cattle pictures later. Found one of the best Holiday Inn restaurants in the US. So good we stopped there on the return.

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