Day 2

Tuesday (January 27)

Welcome to Half Moon Cey, your private paradise for a day! Spend the day soaking up the sun on the islandís spectacular crescent shaped, white sand beach or take a stroll along undisturbed nature trails.

 Our Boat and Bev.........The Beach 

At sunrise we moored at Half Moon Cey in the Bahamas. After breakfast crossed over to a private island using our own tenders. Very little sun that day and had to return early because of a steady rain. We did have a light lunch on the island. Sure wasnít paradise.

 Us Relaxing.................A Power Nap 

By 1600 we return to the ship, lifted anchor, and steamed for the Panama Canal. Another neat sunset. In to the swing of things at dinner with the waiter up on all our wishes. A festive mood with celebration and such. After dinner took in the stage show with Harry D an old Harmonicat. With his good show behind us, weíre off to bed. Will be passing Cuba overnight but no moon to see it.

A Caribbean Sea Sunset

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