Day 1

Monday (January 26)

Monday afternoon came and we shuttled to the pier and met others bussing in from the airport. About 1200 passengers and a crew of 500 settled in for a ten day trip thru the Panama Canal. After processing and waiting our number to be called we arrived on the ship at about one thirty - checked out our room. Its location is excellent, slghtly forward of mid ship and one level below the promenade. We had a late lunch on the Lido level just aft of the main pool. Initial reaction to the food selection was OK but not as good as Bevís.

Our Ship... The Pool

Floyds leaving... Sports Deck... Bev

For the next several hours we settled in unpacking, touring the ship and doing "happy hour". The ship left the dock at five PM and headed for the Atlantic. Bev has experienced this cruising before but this is a first for Floyd. After twenty thousand hours of flying, this "sea sickness wonít affect Floyd", ha. Guess it was a combination of the rolling sea and the late dinner hour he became a believer in the regular use and the effectiveness of the transdermal gel. We relaxed after dinner and strolled about the ship with plans for our first full day aboard. By the morning Floyd was back to normal and as sea worthy as ever.

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