Panama Canal

Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Huatulo, and Acapulco Mexico

Saturday-Sunday (January 24-25)

One month of preparation and plans with our agent, airlines, limo, summer clothes buying, you name it. The dog in the kennel with another trip down the Eisenhower to Oak Park. Up at 4 on Sunday with a limo ride to the airport at 5 and a flight to Ft. Lauderdale at six thirty. Three thousand trips to ORD and finally a ride in comfort. Routine trip to Florida and check in at the hotel across from our dock for the next days sailing. Threatened with a four hour wait for our room we settled in for a relaxed lunch. With the pressure of our traveling companions, Jim and Pauline, we finally checked in about one thirty. Met some more cruise people from Minnesota and Wisconsin then set out for a shorter boat ride with the Gilberts to their home along the intercoastal waterway, took in the Super Bowl and dinner.

Lunch at our hotel... On the Intercoastal Waterway... Bev Picking Up

The next morning did some last minute shopping and made final preparations.

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