Day 3 in China

Early breakfast buffet in the hotel ballroom and off to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

Would you believe the Chinese Cameraman said Cheese 

A view of Tiananmen Square from above.

The Forbidden City in the background.

 Jim got on a real tall ladder to this aerial shot

The Webmaster Attacks Polish Girl in China

 A show of hands please. Who has to go potty?

 We should have come in the summer time and smelled the roses.

 The view inside the Tiananmen Gate had the most activity of this day.

 The number of people would have been greater, but Bev said "No"

We continued thru the Forbidden City seeing the artifacts displayed thruout the complex. Buildings included the Watch Tower and the Imperial Palace.

One of the many thrones viewed 

 Inner passageway between chambers in the Forbidden City  

  The Pavillion in the Imperial Garden

Had lunch today at a very local restaurant and was our first introduction to the local cuisine. It truly got better everyday. We usually sat around three large circular tables and the food was placed on the revolving center piece. We ate everything in sight with our chopsticks.


 Separate Checks Please

After lunch headed for the Summer Palace to cool off. That's why the dozen or so Summer Palaces were built during the the Qing rule.

 Long corridor along side the frozen Kunming Lake.  

 Should have brought our skates  

To close out the day we made a visit to see the doctor. Sat in on a acupuncture briefing, and some of us got stabbed. Also each of us was analyzed. Some were right on while others were 180 degrees out. Oh well.

Last report was that Dean was still alive 

Returned to the hotel about 7PM. It was a long day but far exceeded our expectations. We definitely got our $770 worth just on the first day of touring. What a deal!

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