Day 2 in China

Dinner was served along with drinks and several snacks later in the flight. We added 14 hours to our watches while we viewed several movies and tried to adjust our bodies to Beijing time.

 Four for Bridge?

The descent was smooth "Floyd-like" as the very tired, overworked, and underpaid pilot put our 747 softly on the runway at Beijing at 6PM. No jet bridges at Beijing as we were bussed to the custons building where we met our guide and then boarded our tour bus for the hotel. What a long day or was it two?

We rode into the city in our tour bus with our guide Irene. She outlined the upcoming weeks activities and prepared us for the next days tour. She issued the room keys and we settled in for our weeks stay in Beijing.

  Our Home Away From Home

  Keep the blinds closed, Floyd's Taking Pictures Again

 We helped Decorate the Hotel Tree

Bev Planning Our Great Wall Climb

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